Best 3 Burner Gas Stoves

We have two aims for this article; to introduce you to the best 3 burner gas stoves out there and to keep you away from all the lackluster products out there. This will help you choose at least one 3 burner gas stove that’s best amongst its peers.

It’s worth mentioning that most of the 3 burner gas stoves shortlisted by us offer good performance and look good enough to offer your kitchen a new look. Basically, they are stylish and attractive enough to improve your home décor.

Top 3 Burner Gas Stoves – Best 10 Stoves

best 3 burner gas stove

1. Butterfly Smart Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove

If you want a bulletproof deal, you should get the Butterfly Smart Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove in a heartbeat. Seriously, the quality of this burner gas stove is unlike anything else in its product category, which should explain why this gas stove sells better than others.butterfly smart glass 3 burner gas stove

The crux is, this cooking gas stove is good enough to fulfill all your must-have wishes on any given day. Compared to equivalent products found in a flea market, the Butterfly Burner Gas Stove has more features, and it’s easy to maintain.

Product Highlights

The Butterfly Smart Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove features 3 high-quality burners that are apt for saving both time and energy in the kitchen. As advertised, it’s truly built to optimize gas consumption. In other words, the burners are efficient enough to support fast cooking.

You will also admire the presence of the pan support. The smart lock pan support does a great job of preventing unnecessary mishaps. The 360-degree nozzle is an added bonus, which allows you to place your gas stove anywhere on the kitchen table.

The flame levels are perfect too. Even the control knobs operate smoothly. Furthermore, this gas stove looks modern enough to grab eyeballs. The best part is that it looks new for long. Not to mention that this gas stove is proficiently packed to avoid damage during transit.

  • Has drip trays around the burners
  • Doesn’t struggle to light up
  • Leg mounting area is heat-resistant
  • Coated with powder for long life
  • Glass finishing makes it easy to clean
  • Best burner gas stove for its price point
  • Packed nicely with utmost care
  • Can’t use big vessels in the middle burner
  • Gas pipeline configuration will require some extra expense

Final Verdict

The Butterfly 3 Burner Gas Stove truly has attention-grabbing looks and features. Therefore, we would recommend someone to get this gas stove in lieu of other products that fall in the same price range.

2. MILTON Premium 3 Burner (Red) Gas Stove

This is an ISI certified 3 burner gas stove that has zero cheapness to it. Besides bearing an exclusive design, it ranks high in the list of gas-saving cooking stoves out there. All the included burners have a nice coating to them, which makes them scratch, chip, and fade-resistant.milton isi certified premium 3 burner glass top manual lpg stove with ms frame and brass burners

Of course, all the burners work well too. And, they cook your food in less time compared to other burners out there. It’s pretty apparent that the product engineers analyzed every aspect of this product to make it the best among the rivals.

Product Highlights

The MILTON Premium 3 burner (Red) Gas Stove features 2 big and 1 small brass burner. It’s said to be 68% more gas-efficient than other equivalent products out there. A lot of customers have actually vouched for the stove’s optimum gas consumption ability.

The red and black color combination of this gas stove has also been a hit with the masses. In fact, people have also appreciated the soft and smooth operating knobs. The elegant steel body is an added plus point, which ensures that the product stays good looking for many years and beyond.

Keep in mind that the quality of the material used is also exceptionally good. The 7mm thick glass top is the toughest around. It can handle very high temperatures like nobody’s business. Unlike the competition, there’s also sufficient space between all the 3 burners.

  • Fabulous body and design
  • Easy to unpack and install
  • Has the ISI certification mark on it
  • Sturdy enough to remain undamaged
  • Price is spot on for the quality
  • 10/10 product on almost all aspects of use
  • Product is also delivered in normal time
  • Sometimes packaging is poor

Final Verdict

The MILTON Premium 3 burner (Red) Gas Stove looks good, it functions well, and it lasts long. Basically, it has all the nice characteristics of a 3 burner gas stove.

3. Thermador Toughened Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove

This is a rock-solid 3 burner gas stove that shows no signs of wear and tear, even after a lot of use. Seriously, it’s a good product from a good brand that can truly stand the test of time. Truth to be told, there are no glaring problems with this gas stove.thermador toughened glass top 3 burner gas stove lpg auto ignition

It also meets the necessary safety standards (ISI and RoHS certified). The ISI and RoHS certification indicates that the product complies with all the regulations for safe human use. Frankly speaking, this 3 burner gas stove can put most of its competition to shame on any given day.

Product Highlights

From glass to metal, everything about this cooking gas stove screams high quality. It features a solid 7mm top glass that’s literally shatterproof, to say the least. It also has a nice shiny appearance to it to blend well with most home décor. To top it all, it has a black coating on it that gives it a long and rust-free life.

Keep in mind that it’s also spacious enough to cook three different dishes simultaneously. This is to say that the burners are placed at a good distance from each other. They heat up quickly too, which means that your meals will be ready sooner than usual. Plus, you will save a decent chunk on gas money.

  • Easy to use and safe to cook
  • Spacious enough to support big utensils
  • Offers rigid and reliable pan support
  • Auto ignition works really fine
  • Highest glass thickness in its price segment
  • All the three burners are in a straight line
  • Compact enough to save kitchen space
  • Warranty registration is possible through WhatsApp
  • No major demerits to complain about

Final Verdict

Quality-wise, the Thermador Toughened Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove has no real competition in its price spectrum.

4. SUNFLAME GT Pride Glass Top 3 Brass Burner Gas Stove

For couples and small families, the SUNFLAME GT Pride Glass Top 3 Brass Burner Gas Stove should be a no-brainer choice. Pound for pound, this brass burner gas stove offers the highest degree of utility, which means that you are bound to get the best value for your gas stove price.sunflame gt pride glass top 3 brass burner gas stove manual ignition black

As marketed, the product is excellently developed to ensure fast and efficient cooking on any given day of the week. It installs quickly too, and it maintains a good impression for long. Therefore, your investment on this gas stove with 3 burner is bound to last long.

Product Highlights

The SUNFLAME GT Pride Glass Top 3 Brass Burner Gas Stove features 2 small and 1 big brass burner. It’s designed to accommodate pans of all sizes commonly used in most households. Of course, it lights up easily too, and the heat distribution is even on all the burners.

Moreover, the included glass top can handle hours of hours of flames/heat without any fuss. If you forget to turn the flame off, you will find the glass top undamaged on your return. This should tell you a lot about the quality of this 3 burner gas stove.

The size of this gas stove is also good enough for a compact kitchen. Moreover, the individual burners are placed at a reasonable distance from one another to not interfere with each other. The gas stove looks amazingly classy too. Not to undermine the fact that SUNFLAME is a reputed name in the kitchen utensil industry.

  • Burners, knobs, and trays are of good quality
  • Compact enough to not occupy the entire slab area
  • Looks classy in most kitchens out there
  • Glass surface doesn’t heat up upon continued use
  • Excellent packaging for worry-free product delivery
  • Knobs are sturdy. At the same time, they are easy on our fingers
  • Manufacturing defects are covered under warranty (2 years)
  • User guide comes with necessary safety information
  • Glass plates are not detachable
  • It’s not too easy to open and clean

Final Verdict

This 3 burner gas stove is a steal at its asking price. In other words, the SUNFLAME GT Pride Glass Top 3 Brass Burner Gas Stove is everything that five-star reviewers say it is.

5. Prestige Magic Glass Top GTMC 03

If you are struggling with your old stove, the Prestige Magic Glass Top GTMC 03 can prove to be a suitable replacement. As advertised, this gas stove is well-engineered to the point of functioning like new for many years to come. Of course, it also has the newer generation look to it.prestige magic glass top gtmc 03 3 brass burner gas stove

The body is rustproof too. The price is amazing as well. In short, you will totally love this 3 burner gas stove for what it is. You can really afford to have more than moderate expectations from this cooking tool. Seriously, nothing about this gas stove will prevent you from loving it fully.

Product Highlights

This glass top gas stove is smartly built to consume less space in your kitchen. It also comes with a spill tray, which keeps your kitchen looking nice and clean. The flame output is up to the mark as well. It cooks food fast, and it does not leave a black coating on the utensils.

The best part is that the burners and knobs work fine for long without any issues. In fact, the knobs turn smoothly, ensuring little to no friction during rotation. Not to mention that the powder coating on this stove makes it resistant to chipping, scratching, and fading.

  • The glass quality is long-lasting
  • Ignition doesn’t take a lot of effort
  • Flame adjusters are of excellent quality
  • Gap between the burners are decent
  • Takes little space and cooks more food
  • The packaging quality is good enough to take care of the gas stove
  • Looks smaller in person. It’s not suitable for large-size utensils
  • Little difficult to clean. But then, it’s manageable

Final Verdict

Folks in need of a top-quality 3 burner gas stove should get the Prestige Magic Glass Top GTMC 03 without any second thoughts. It’s undeniably very good at its price point.

6. Elica Vetro Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove

This is one of the best overall 3 burner gas stoves out there. It’s not only pocket-friendly, but it’s quite durable as well. The quality of the glass top is really unbeatable, to say the least. Of course, the burners are of top-notch quality as well.elica vetro glass top 3 burner gas stove 703 ct vetro blk

The gas stove is built only for gas cylinder usage, though. That said, you can make changes to it to use it for gas pipelines. Needless to say, some extra spending would be required for the conversion. All in all, it’s a solid performer. It’s certainly worth all the money spent on it.

Product Highlights

Unlike the competition, this gas stove is pretty energy efficient. Yes, it’s efficient enough to cook food in less time. This is to say that it will take longer than usual for you to consume a full cylinder because of the reduction in cooking time.

The burners also feature a round grid that balances the utensils kept on them, irrespective of their shape and size. Not to mention that the burners are nicely placed at a decent distance from one another to avoid interference. You can easily use all three burners at once on a daily basis.

Keep in mind that the gas flow on this stove is also very smooth and silent. The knobs are super stylish and easy to operate as well. Not to discount the fact that the product gives a decent look to your kitchen. Overall, it’s a wonderful cooking gas stove.

  • Product installs easily as demonstrated/marketed
  • Very sturdy. Doesn’t have any quality issues
  • It looks nice. In fact, it looks elegant in most kitchen
  • Knob movement is very smooth
  • A drip tray is included for ease of cleaning
  • The flame output is good in all settings
  • The glass top comes with a two-year warranty
  • Warranty gets void upon self-installation
  • The packaging can be slightly better

Final Verdict

The Elica Vetro Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove is quite good for its price. Therefore, we would recommend this cooking stove without any reservations to all the future 3 burner gas stove shoppers out there.

7. Lifelong Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove

The Lifelong Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove is built keeping quality in mind, which is apparent from its look, features, and durability. Seriously, this gas stove is good enough to make other competing products in the same price range look like junk.lifelong glass top 3 burner gas stove manual ignition black

Built-wise, it’s pretty tough. For those who don’t know, the shiny glass on the top comes with a one-year warranty. The burners are actually made from 100% brass. There’s no adulteration whatsoever. You can even do a magnet test to check whether or not the burners are made from brass.

Product Highlights

The burners are placed in a triangular design for best space utilization. You will be able to use all the burners at once without any fuss. The flame output is also proper, allowing you to cook food properly at all times. Moreover, this thing doesn’t leak like other inferior gas stoves out there.

You also get a good response from the customer support team during times of need. Moreover, this 3 burner gas stove is ISI marked. Another nice thing is that the makers include a free doorstep service for one full year. Not to undermine the fact that they have service centers almost all over India.

  • The attractive body gives it a nice jazzed look
  • Definitely easy to use and clean afterward
  • Has anti-skid feet for greater stability
  • Installation hardly takes 10-12 minutes
  • Knobs bear a heat-resistant cover
  • Connects easily to the cylinder’s pipe
  • As energy efficient as it can be
  • Knobs are a bit tight initially

Final Verdict

This 3 burner gas stove is good in almost all regards. The product flaws are really minor compared to the overall features and performance. Even if it’s not the best one out there, it’s too good for its price point.

8. Pigeon by Stoverkraft Glass Top Aster 3 Burner

This is a mid-priced 3 burner gas stove that can fulfill all your gas stove needs beautifully. As advertised, the product is ISI certified, and you get a two-year warranty on it from the date of purchase. Of course, all the parts work fine for many years and beyond.pigeon by stoverkraft glass top aster 3 burner

Should you face any issue, someone from the company will remedy the issue. Seriously, the company does a lot to keep their customers happy—as confirmed by past shoppers. The product also arrives safely without a hint of damage because of the solid packaging.

Product Highlights

The makers have paid attention to a lot of details to improve the general perception of mid-priced gas top burners. For instance, the burners are aesthetically placed at a good distance from one another to avoid a clash. The stove also features stylish and user-friendly knobs.

Furthermore, the tough glass on the top does a wonderful job of handling an extensive range of cooking temperatures without any issues. As marketed, the flame/heat distribution is even too. Thanks to the strong tubular legs, the burner provides a nice foothold as well.

In short, this gas stove with 3 burner is highly functional and durable for everyday kitchen use. The spill-proof design makes it easy to clean and maintain as well. Upon proper care, this thing will continue to look like new for several years to come.

  • Tubular legs prevent skidding when overloaded
  • Flames are easily controllable through the knobs
  • One of the safest 3 burner gas stoves around
  • Easy to clean/maintain using a wet cloth
  • Balances the utensils kept on it very well
  • External appearance is also good enough to please most people
  • Customer service response can be slow at times

Final Verdict

If you don’t have a high-end budget for a 3 burner gas stove, the Pigeon by Stoverkraft Glass Top Aster 3 Burner is totally worth a consideration. This gas stove burner is as good as other higher-priced gas stoves sold nowadays.

9. SuryaJwala Auto Ignition Toughened Glass Cast Iron 3 Burner Gas Stove

This is a perfect gas stove for family use. It has three burners that can easily accommodate large utensils. Plus, it lets you cook on all three burners simultaneously. The size of this gas stove is also pretty compact. As a result, it won’t occupy too much space in your kitchen.suryajwala auto ignition toughened glass cast iron 3 burner gas stove

Overall, it looks very pleasing too. The metal corners are nice and round. Plus, the gas stove is nicely welded from all areas. The designer glass top is icing on the cake. It’s quite tough, which means less chances of it breaking, even when you fail to handle it with care.

Product Highlights

The burner at the center is big, and the other two burners are small.

That said, all three burners work as expected. The flame on the burners is equally good. Yes, the burners emit even flame. This ensures less gas consumption. They also ignite quickly.

The quality of the on/off switch is up to the mark as well. Furthermore, the gas stove stays firmly in its place during use. Better still, SuryaJwala offers a one-year warranty on this 3 burner gas stove. As it’s easy to tell, the SuryaJwala Cast Iron Gas Stove has a lot going for it.

  • Features heavy-duty and long-lasting cast iron burners
  • Takes less kitchen space due to the sleek design
  • Auto ignition works like a charm on any given day
  • The nozzle rotates a full 360 degrees
  • The glass surface is very easy to clean
  • Delivered on time without any defects, dents, or damage
  • Priced right to suit the budget of most homeowners
  • Not the most well-known kitchen appliance brand out there

Final Verdict

The SuryaJwala Cast Iron 3 Burner Gas Stove has been a hit with the homeowners. It seems nothing is wrong with this product. Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate to pull the trigger on this gas stove.

10. Vidiem GS S3 179 A Viva SS 3 Burner Frameless Stainless Steel Gas Stove

If you can spend a decent chunk of money on a 3 burner gas stove, feel free to take a shot at the Vidiem GS S3 179 A Gas Stove. Although not cheap, it truly is a people-pleasing commodity. Given the quality and performance, you will be totally fine with the asking price.vidiem gs s3 179 a viva ss 3 burner frameless stainless steel gas stove black

You will hardly ever encounter overheating, leaks, or issues along the same lines. The best part is that it doesn’t take a lot of time to cook, which means that it’s bound to improve your productivity in the kitchen. It also arrives in superb condition due to the remarkably secure packaging.

Product Highlights

The makers of this stainless-steel gas stove offer a five-year warranty on this cooking stove, which you won’t usually find in kitchen appliances of this nature. This should give you an idea about how well-made this 3 burner gas stove is.

Those who have excellent knowledge about such gas stoves have praised this gas stove for what it is. The collective reviews from past customers also suggest that this kitchen appliance works as advertised by the company. Anything better than this product usually costs far more.

  • Made from strong and sturdy materials
  • Powder-coated to prevent usual rust
  • Space between the burners are sufficient
  • Looks both conventional and stylish at the same time
  • The drip trays can be detached for ease of cleaning
  • Given the quality, it can survive rough and tough use
  • Usually delivered ahead of the scheduled delivery date
  • Doesn’t come cheap. So, not suitable for budget gas stove shoppers

Final Verdict

In conclusion, it’s totally worth settling at the Vidiem GS S3 179 A Gas Stove because of how good it looks, how well it performs, and how long it lasts. It truly won’t disappoint you.


Most of these 3 burner gas stoves are nothing less than a borderline marvel. In other words, they are the diamonds of gas stoves. As for choosing one goes, you can narrow down the choices based on your budget.

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