Best Laptops Under 65000

If you are looking for a laptop that is available under 65,000 rupees, you have come to the right place. This post will introduce you to some good laptops that will fit your budget.

Best Laptops Under 65000 : Top 10 Laptops

laptops under 65000

1. Lenovo IdeaPad S340 81WL002RIN 15.6-inch Laptop

For regular use, this laptop should be a solid choice on any given day. It has all the latest specs that you would have hoped for. For instance, it features the 10th generation i5 processor, which provides this laptop with blazing speed. Not surprisingly, it boots up within a few seconds.lenovo ideapad s340 81wl002rin 15.6-inch fhd ips thin and light laptop

The display of this laptop is no less. And, it comes preloaded with Windows 10, which is a huge plus.

This laptop is also damn thin and light for such a solid performing electronic laptop. Not to mention that the battery on this laptop doesn’t drain as quickly as other competitive products out there.

At medium brightness, you can expect the battery to last for 6-7 hours without any fuss.

  • Processor : 10th Gen Intel Core i5-1035G1, 1.0 Ghz base speed, 3.6 Ghz max speed, 4 Cores, 6Mb Smart Cache
  • Display : 15.6-inch screen with (1920X1080) full HD display, Anti Glare technology, IPS Screen
  • Memory : 8 GB RAM
  • Storage : 1 TB HDD + 256 GB SSD
  • Graphic Card : NVIDIA MX250 2GB Graphics
  • Design : Thin and light Laptop, 180 Degree Hinge
  • Weight : 1.79kg
  • Battery Life : Upto 8 hours as per MobileMark
  • OS : Windows 10 Home

Laptop Highlights:

The Lenovo IdeaPad S340 81WL002RIN 15.6-inch laptop comes with excellent hardware and software specs. For instance, the laptop features an anti-glare display, which causes less fatigue to the eyes during use.

Typing on this laptop is a dream too, because of how nice the keyboard is. The touchpad is really as smooth as it can get. Not to mention that the laptop can be tilted to make typing easier than usual. Moreover, the laptop provides enough RAM (8 GB) for all your computing needs.

The laptop looks awesome too, due to which you will enthusiastically show it to others. Better still, you won’t experience any heating issue, even if you were to use the laptop for long hours.

  • RAM can be upgraded up to 16 GB
  • Entry-level games can be played
  • Portable enough for easy carrying
  • Includes one-year subscription of McAfee
  • Can live up to serious use
  • It lacks a touchscreen
  • Not suitable for avid/hardcore gamers

Final Verdict:

If you have the means to buy this 15.6 laptop, you should get it without thinking any further. With respect to the quality, this laptop has zero competition in its product category.

2. HP Pavilion 15.6-inch FHD Gaming Laptop

The HP Pavilion 15.6-inch FHD Gaming laptop is powerful, well-built, fast, and a delight to work with. Seriously, it’s mesmerizing to see how it handles everything like a champ, which explains why it’s not sold at a paltry sum of money.hp pavilion gaming 9th gen intel core i5 processor 15.6-inch fhd gaming laptop

You can run almost anything on this laptop and expect it to live up to your high standards. For future requirements, you can also upgrade some of the specs to make this laptop a beast in its own rights.

Not to mention that it’s perfectly optimized for gaming. This should tell you that this laptop is up for gaming, editing, coding, and other feats that can generally be taxing for other laptops.

Frankly speaking, nothing about the product is really overrated. A lot of industry experts were actually right about this laptop. It serves its purpose wonderfully.

  • Processor : 2.40 GHz Intel i5-9300H 9th Gen processor
  • Display : 15.6 inches , 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
  • Memory : 8GB DDR4 RAM
  • Storage : 512 GB SSD
  • Graphic Card : NVIDIA GTX 1650 4GB Graphics
  • Weight : 2.17 kg
  • OS : Windows 10 Home

Laptop Highlights:

The speed of this laptop is superb. The Intel i5 9th Gen processor gets the job done really smoothly and quickly. The 512 GB SSD can also be credited for this because it makes the laptop run much faster than expected.

Keep in mind that the laptop weighs around 2.3 kg, which means that it won’t take too much effort to carry it around. At the same time, the makers haven’t compromised on the built quality of the laptop. This isn’t to say that it will survive a drop from a speeding pickup truck. But then, it can definitely keep up with serious uses.

As advertised, you will be able to play heavy games on this laptop without any difficulty. Moreover, the cooling system of this laptop doesn’t disappoint. There are hardly any reports of people bashing this laptop for how hot it runs.

  • Premium in the look department too
  • Boot time is no more than five seconds
  • Battery provides eight hours of playtime
  • Can handle all the latest games too
  • Only a trial version of MS Office is offered

Final Verdict:

If you want to settle for a good gaming laptop, stop looking elsewhere. The HP Pavilion 15.6-inch FHD Gaming Laptop is truly the right product for all game lovers out there.

3. DELL Inspiron 3593 15.6-inch Laptop

This is another solid laptop that will meet the needs of a casual user beautifully. This isn’t to say that it can’t cope up with heavy use.

Believe it or not, it powers on in less than ten seconds. Besides regular web browsing, you can use it for video editing, Photoshop, and light gaming as well. dell inspiron 3593 15.6-inch laptop

Moreover, this thing won’t lag, even when you are multitasking. Yes, it has enough memory and horsepower to achieve these things without any issues.

You will also love typing on this laptop because of how buttery smooth it feels.

The best part is that it weighs only 2.20 kg. So, this laptop is capable and portable, both at the same time.

  • Processor : 3.6 GHz Intel Ci5-1035G1 10th Gen processor
  • Display : 15.6-inch FHD (1920 x 1080) IPS Display
  • Memory : 8GB DDR4 RAM
  • Storage : 1TB HDD + 256GB SSD
  • Graphic Card : 2GB NVIDIA MX230 Graphics
  • Weight : 2.2 kg
  • Battery Life : Upto 6 hours
  • OS : Windows 10 Home, Microsoft office 2019

Laptop Highlights:

Even though it has a plastic construction to it, it’s quite solid. Also, the screen on this laptop is much brighter and colorful than expected. Not to mention that it’s not maddeningly difficult to operate it. Seriously, you won’t have to troubleshoot a lot to get this thing in working order.

Moreover, this DELL laptop comes preloaded with Windows 10. It also comes with adequate ports for connections, despite the compact built. Furthermore, it doesn’t have a noisy fan to bother you.

  • All the programs run quickly and smoothly
  • Can tackle most office tasks without any hiccups
  • Has anti-glare display to reduce eye strain
  • Feels effortless to handle and carry around
  • Moderate battery life of four odd hours

Final Verdict:

For anyone that needs a reliable laptop, may be not for heavy-duty use, but for personal use, the DELL Inspiron 3593 15.6-inch laptop is worth a consideration. If you set your expectations real for laptops below INR 65000 price, there’s no way this DELL laptop will disappoint you. If you have higher budget, you should definitely explore laptops under 70000.

4. Acer Nitro 5 AN515-54 15.6-inch Gaming Laptop

This laptop is a tight slap on the face of all the naysayers who claim that ACER laptops are never worth their value in gold. The Acer Nitro 5 AN515-54 laptop uses the same fantastic body as other far more expensive laptops out there. At the same time, it’s light, compact, portable, and beautiful looking.

It also allows room for additional upgrades if you wish to take things to the next level.

Above all, it uses IPS (In-Plane Switching) display technology for phenomenal color consistency and accuracy. Another benefit attached to this new-age technology is the wide viewing angle.

For the asking price of less than 65000, the 9th gen Intel processor is also too good. The battery life is a game-changer too. Believe it or not, it will take almost ten hours of web surfing to empty the tank.

  • Processor : Intel Core i5-9300H processor, turbo up to 4.10 GHz
  • Display : 15.6″ IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology, Full HD 1920 x 1080, Acer ComfyView LED-backlit TFT LCD
  • Memory : 8GB DDR4 RAM
  • Storage : 1TB HDD + 256GB SSD
  • Graphic Card : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 with 4 GB of Dedicated GDDR5 VRAM Graphics
  • Weight : 2.3 kg
  • Battery Life : Upto 11 hours
  • OS : Windows 10 Home

Laptop Highlights:

The 256 GB SSD on this laptop provides an amazing boot time of less than ten seconds. It’s a nice improvement over other Acer models. Also, the screen of the laptop is really big and reflection-less. Moreover, the keyboard of this laptop is of the right size.

Thanks to the backlight, you will have zero issues typing in a dark room too. Also, the touchpad is not sluggish like other laptops out there. Furthermore, the Nitrosense technology on this laptop provides it an edge over its competition. This laptop won’t heat up, even when you test the laptop to its limits. Not to discount the fact the included speakers go as loud as you would like. It truly is a five-star quality laptop in its own right.

  • Solid and long-lasting external body
  • Includes Windows 10 OS
  • Weighs less than 2.5 kg
  • No heating issues due to CoolBoost
  • Black color attracts dirt

Final Verdict:

The Acer Nitro 5 AN515-54 15.6-inch Laptop is a solid laptop for all the gamers out there. It’s truly maximized in every possible way for utmost performance and functionality. Acer has actually used its infinite wisdom to build such a well-performing laptop at a reasonable price point of around 65000.

5. ASUS TUF Gaming A15 Laptop 15.6

You will love this laptop for its look, design, functionality, and portability. It’s feature-rich in all these areas and more. Unlike the competition, it’s intelligently optimized to provide outstanding graphical performance, enabling you to get the most use out of it.asus tuf gaming a15 laptop

Not to discount the fact that the ASUS TUF Gaming A15 laptop 15.6 looks really wonderful, and it provides a nice feel upon touch.

Seriously, this ASUS laptop really screams high-quality. Of course, the performance is dependable too, allowing you to use it for streaming, gaming, editing, and everything else in between.

Furthermore, the AMD Ryzen 5 4600H processor paired with 1650 GDDR6 4 GB VRAM and 8 GB RAM provides this laptop with enough pump for serious gaming and multitasking.

  • Processor : AMD Ryzen 5 4600H Processor 3.0 GHz (8MB Cache, up to 4.0 GHz, 6 Cores, 12 Threads)
  • Display : 15.6-inch (16:9) LED-backlit FHD (1920×1080) 144Hz Refresh Rate, Anti-Glare IPS-level Panel and Adaptive Sync Technology
  • Memory : 8GB DDR4 3200MHz RAM
  • Storage : 1TB HDD + 256GB SSD
  • Graphic Card : Dedicated NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 GDDR6 4GB VRAM
  • Design : NanoEdge bezels, Bonfire Black design accented with crimson stripe
  • Weight : 2.3 kg
  • Battery Life : Upto 6 hours
  • OS : Windows 10 Home (64bit)

Laptop Highlights:

It features 2 anti-dust tunnels around the edges to catch incoming dirt and dust, which are channeled out of the chassis. Basically, this laptop has the ability to keep itself clean. Better still, the speakers on this laptop have enhanced sound quality to them.

You will also fall in love with the viewing angle of this laptop. It’s tantalizing close to being perfect. Keep in mind that the laptop comes prebuilt with a lot of worthwhile specs, such as the Windows 10 operating system, anti-glare display, LED backlight, and 1 TB hard drive storage.

As you can tell, the specifications of this laptop are bang on. According to past purchasers, the ASUS A15 laptop is mostly delivered ahead of its estimated delivery date. Frankly speaking, this laptop is better than good in every imaginable way.

  • Runs all games smoothly
  • Doesn’t lag or slow-down
  • Can handle heavy tasks
  • Sports an eye-catching look
  • Display quality needs a little improvement

Final Verdict:

The ASUS TUF Gaming A15 laptop 15.6 is clearly a better version of its leading competitors. So, it’s worth getting it over other choices out there, even if you have to stretch your laptop budget by a few thousand bucks. Those who can not stretch budget should look at laptops under 60000.

6. HP 14 10th Gen Intel Core i5 Processor 14-inch Laptop

The HP 14 10th Gen 14-inch FHD laptop proves that a dream laptop does exist in some corner of the world. Of course, the laptop does have some minor flaws in it. But then, the flaws are nothing to be seriously annoyed about.hp 14 10th gen intel core i5 processor 14-inch fhd laptop

To cut the story short, this 14-inch FHD laptop is a perfect laptop for routine office work and light entertainment needs.

The 8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD provide it with all the speed it needs for lightning performance. Needless to say, the 1 TB HDD is just icing on the cake.

The screen quality is awesome as well. It’s anti-glare, which means that it will easy on your precious eyes. Also, the charging time is less than 90 minutes.

Every charge will provide six-plus hours of working life. Better still, you won’t observe heat or fire coming out of this laptop in the middle of an ordinary day because of how cool it stays during use.

  • Processor : 10th Gen Intel i5-1021U (1.6 GHz base frequency, up to 4.2 GHz base with Intel Turbo Boost Technology, 6 MB cache, 4 cores)
  • Display : 14-inch Full HD BrightView Micro-Edge WLED Display (1920 x 1080), Brightness: 250 nits Adaptive Sync Technology
  • Memory : 8GB DDR4-2666 RAM
  • Storage : 1 TB 5400 rpm SATA + 256 GB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD
  • Graphic Card : AMD Radeon 530 Graphics (2 GB GDDR5 dedicated)
  • Design : Thin and light design
  • Weight : 1.47 kg
  • Battery Life : Upto 9 hours
  • OS : Windows 10 Home (64bit)

Laptop Highlights:

As advertised, this 14-inch laptop has a nice built quality to it. It seems that HP has put every dollar where it matters the most. They have truly put their best foot forward to make the user experience as pleasant as possible.

The backlit keyboard on this laptop is an absolute delight to work on. Also, this laptop is nicely optimized for the screen space. It hardly leaves any margin at the borders. Not to mention that the included Intel UHD Graphics is better than good for photoshop and similar applications.

Keep in mind that this thin and light-designed laptop also comes with a one-year warranty from HP to take care of any issue that you may face after purchase. Anyone who has dealt with HP before will know how people-pleasing they are. They will go out of their way to keep their customers happy.

  • Sound quality is better than decent
  • Starts and shuts down in a jiffy
  • No heating issues with moderate or heavy use
  • User-friendly enough to suit the needs of senior citizens too
  • Finger sensor is missing
  • Comes without a cover/bag

Laptop Verdict:

There’s nothing fancy about this laptop. But then, you can count on it for its robustness, performance, and durability. It will run like new even after being subjected to heavy use for many years and beyond. Everything considered, this laptop from HP is worth getting, even with your eyes closed.

7. Acer Aspire 5 A515-54G 15.6-inch Laptop

This is one of the best available 15.6-inch laptops for multitasking, coding, editing, and intense gaming. Speed, quality, and functionality-wise, it can compete directly with MacBook Pro. So, it can be considered by freelancers, students, office-goers, and gamers as well.acer aspire 5 a515-54g 15.6-inch laptop

Visually, it looks great as well. Another nice thing that you will notice about this laptop is that it doesn’t come with unnecessary bloatware when it first arrives, which is to say that you won’t have unwarranted programs eating your resources in the background.

This laptop is also meant to be portable, and it actually is.

For those who are not aware, this Acer laptop weighs only 1.8 kg. The best part is the surprisingly good battery life of 10-plus hours on moderate brightness.

  • Processor : 1.80 GHz Intel Core i7-10510U processor
  • Display : 14-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS BrightView micro-edge WLED-backlit Display
  • Memory : 8 GB DDR4-2666 SDRAM
  • Storage : 256 GB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD
  • Graphic Card : NVIDIA GeForce MX250 Graphics
  • Design : Thin and Light design
  • Weight : 1.6 kg
  • OS : Windows 10 Home (64bit)

Laptop Highlights:

The Acer Aspire 5 A515-54G 15.6-inch laptop comes with a decent amount of memory space. It features 8GB memory space by default, which can be upgraded to 20 GB if there is a need to do so. Also, the Intel Core i7-10510U processor on this laptop is worth a praise. It supports fast activities without consuming a lot of power.

Basically, it offers plenty of operational speed, allowing you to conduct most activities without any lag. As advertised, the laptop features a nice keyboard and trackpad too. You will hardly experience any input delay. Missed clicks are out of the question too. Not to undermine the fact that it never heats up to the point of being intolerable. Within its scope, this laptop performs really well on all fronts.

  • Sets up perfectly and smoothly
  • Runs like new for a long time
  • Can be used to do all things
  • Works with virtually no lags
  • Doesn’t have free MS Office

Final Verdict:

The Acer Aspire 5 A515-54G 15.6-inch laptop works perfectly for most needs. This laptop is definitely worth your money under 65000 price, even if purchased without any groundwork.

8. HP Pavilion 14 Core i5 10th Gen 14-inch FHD Laptop

Featuring Amazon Alexa and 10th Generation Intel Core processor, this 14-inch FHD laptop is a mini beast in its world. Seriously, it’s a joy to work on this laptop because of how fast it operates. Of course, the credit for this also goes to the keyboard quality, which makes typing on it a real pleasure.hp pavilion 14 core i5 10th gen alexa built-in 14-inch fhd laptop

Simply put, you will see a world of difference between this and other comparable laptops in most areas of use. Additionally, the set-up of this laptop is remarkably easy to the point where you will literally feel that it’s a plug and play laptop. The documentation is literally bare-bones because of the easy set-up.

Keep in mind that this laptop also comes with a genuine warranty of one year from HP, which will put most of your trust issues to rest.

  • Processor : 10th Gen Intel Core i5-1035G1 Processor, Quad-Core, 1.0 GHz up to 3.6GHz, 6 MB Cache
  • Display : 15.6 Inches, 1920 x 1080 (Full HD), Acer ComfyView LED-backlit TFT LCD
  • Memory : 8 GB DDR4
  • Storage : 512 GB SSD
  • Graphic Card : NVIDIA GeForce MX250 Graphics
  • Weight : 1.8 kg
  • Battery Life : Upto 11 hours
  • OS : Windows 10 Home (64bit)

Laptop Highlights:

The HP Pavilion 14-inch FHD laptop comes preloaded with a lifetime validity of Windows 10. Other notable product specs include 8 GB RAM and 256 GB storage space. Of course, the superb 1080p display is a show-stealer too. It’s definitely far better than average, and it offers the most vivid colors. In fact, the great screen and size combination will allow you to open multiple tabs simultaneously without feeling cramped for space.

This laptop is also pretty thin and light. It has easy controls, which most other laptops lack. Although it’s not meant for gamers, you will be able to play a few older games smoothly, without experiencing any slowdowns. For all these reasons, you should have no conflicts whether or not to get the laptop. This laptop from HP is definitely a keeper.

  • Pleasant look and design
  • Works fast enough without heating
  • Offers a gorgeous FHD display
  • Allows fast typing without errors
  • Totally worth your investment
  • Decent battery life

Final Verdict:

The HP Pavilion 14-inch FHD laptop truly justifies its price tag of under INR 65000. It may not be for heavy gaming, but for all other purposes, it’s totally worth taking a shot.

9. Dell Inspiron 5570 15.6-inch FHD Laptop

This 15.6-inch laptop from DELL is sleek, fast, lightweight, and convenient to set up and use. DELL has literally taken all the attractive advances from the world of laptops and figured out a way to squeeze it into this laptop. This is not to say that this is the most advanced laptops out there.

But, it’s way too good for an entry-level machine. The price of this thing is also very competitive. Even with decent memory space, it works faster than other comparable models. For instance, it boots up and shuts down in mere 6-7 seconds. The screen quality is also better than decent.

Since it features an LED-backlit display, it consumes less energy than other display technologies out there. The battery runtime is reasonably good as well. Of course, the inclusion of the Windows 10 operating system is literally icing on the cake.

  • Processor : 8th Generation Intel Core i5-8250U Processor
  • Display : 15 inch FHD Anti-glare LED-Backlit Display
  • Memory : 8 GB SDRAM
  • Storage : 2 TB HDD
  • Graphic Card : AMD Radeon Graphics 530
  • Design : Thin and Light design
  • Battery Life : Upto 7 hours
  • OS : Windows 10 Home (64bit)

Laptop Highlights:

The laptop poses a sturdy body. There’s nothing cheap or flimsy about this product. As expected from a good brand, the edges of the laptop are thin, which gives this laptop a nice sleek look. The buttons are also nice.

The backlit keyboard might actually remind you of a MacBook. It really has a nice touch to it. The laptop also connects easily. Believe it or not, the Wi-fi connectivity will be great throughout the house.

Moreover, it has slots for RAM upgradation. The best part is that this laptop will hold up well to heavy-duty use for several years and beyond without a significant amount of depreciation. Seriously, this laptop is everything that all the five-star reviewers have said it is. By all means, it’s a real workhorse.

  • Boots up fast upon login
  • Can handle casual games
  • Light and portable too
  • Battery works closer to 6-7 hours
  • Doesn’t have a touchscreen

Laptop Verdict:

The Dell Inspiron 5570 15.6-inch FHD laptop offers a nice middle ground between a low and high-priced laptop. As marketed, it’s really good for office work purposes.

10. ASUS VivoBook 14 X403FA-EB021T Intel Core i5 8th Gen 14-inch FHD Laptop

This ASUS laptop is everything that you may have dreamed of at its price point. It’s aesthetically pleasing, it’s easy to type on, and it doesn’t heat badly over long term use. Basically, it presents zero problems during use.asus vivobook 14 x403fa-eb021t intel core i5 8th gen 14-inch fhd thin and light laptop

Thanks to the included 512 GB M.2 SSD, it works fast too. Not to discount the fact that the 8 GB RAM will serve you more than well for office and casual use.

It also brings other things to the table such as cooler operation, nice screen resolution, and longer than usual battery life. At 1.35 kg, this ASUS VivoBook is damn light as well. Given its lightweight, it won’t hurt your back when carrying it around for business work.

  • Processor : Intel Core i5-8265U Processor 1.6 GHz (6M Cache, up to 3.9 GHz, 4 Cores)
  • Display : 14.0″ (16:9) LED-backlit FHD (1920×1080) Anti-Glare Panel
  • Memory : 8GB LPDDR3
  • Storage : PCIe Gen3 x2 NVMe 512GB M.2 SSD
  • Graphic Card : Integrated Intel UHD Graphics 620
  • Design : Thin and light Laptop, 4.1mm Thin bezel
  • Battery Life : Upto 24 hours
  • Weight : 1.35 kg
  • OS : Windows 10 Home (64bit)

Product Highlights:

The product comes with excellent specs. Given the specs, you can afford to play casual games on this laptop. The finger sensors also work as advertised, which is to say that they work supremely fast. And, this laptop takes less time to boot or reboot.

Better still, the included speakers provide a nice volume, which should tell you that this laptop is good for movie-watching and YouTube video-watching. Although the battery is not literally 24 hours, it works much longer than most comparable options out there. Furthermore, the full metal body of this laptop provides it with a premium look and feel. And, this thing stays almost noiseless during operation, allowing you to work with great peace of mind.

  • Exceptionally good battery life
  • Touchscreen doesn’t respond late
  • Display comes with anti-glare finish
  • High sound compared to equivalent laptops
  • Feels more expensive than the asking price
  • The edges are a bit sharp

Final Verdict:

This laptop is all that you may want and need for work, casual, or gaming purposes. Seriously, this laptop is too good for its price point of under 65000 rupees. The value for money that this laptop offers is literally unheard of.

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