Best iPhone 11 Back Covers & Cases

There are myriads of iPhone 11 back cover options ablaze in the market, and there are good and bad points to the same. It is quite relevant to choose a suitable option as then the users would be able to invest the right amount of money in buying a back cover that will suit their needs.

1. Amozo AutoFocus Series Silicon TPU Sides Shock Proof iPhone 11 Cover Case with Camera Protection

Our Amozo Autofocus series covers are very flexible and compatible with the latest iPhone 11. This case, in particular, has 4 corner shock protections that keep the phone secured from damages caused due to high falls and scratches. The hybrid design of the cover acts as a shock absorber for the handset. The thinness and transparency of the cover reflect the original design of your handset.

The back cover is a bezel, and this keeps the iPhone always protected. Premium material is used for the manufacture of the cover, and this is one of the reasons you can choose it.

Our cover is such made that you can use it easily for wireless charging on a car mount. It is quite flexible, and thus you can easily put it over your handset. It is super compatible, and it feels really nice and sturdy in hand.

best iphone 11 back cover case

2. Plus Crystal Clear Soft Transparent Flexible Back Cover for Apple iPhone 11

Plus Crystal clear soft transparent flexible back-cover as the name suggests is an ideal option for iPhone 11 holders. It is super thin, and will easily fit into your handset without any hassle. The light-weightiness and well-crafted design give it a proper look, something that every Apple handset owner would lie to have. The slim size of the cover makes it possible to fit into every available space at no time.

This back cover has an exclusive look, and its premium materials certainly give a royal look to your handset. It has an anti-slip matte surface, and this provides the user with a stronger and comfortable grip. The fingerprint-resistant quality makes your handset quite secured. There are well-cuts for the camera modules and the physical buttons as well. Its anti-shock technology gives air cushion when required and thus suitable for right and tough users. This back cover has been tested under severe load and pressure. It’s a military-grade standard cover which will last for a longer time.

best iphone 11 back cover case

3. Spigen Liquid Air Back Cover Case Designed for iPhone 11 (Black)

This is an armoured back cover from Spigen. It provides hardcore protection to your Apple iPhone 11 handset. The material used is TPU, and thus it is quite light in weight and provides overall protection to your precious handset. Spigen liquid back cover has the shock absorption technique that secures the handset when fallen from a certain height.

TPU material makes it quite flexible and secures the handset, and overall provides a decent look to your handset. Air cushion technology also secures the screen and camera of your handset, and you have less to worry about any damages to your handset. The cover has a superb look and design, as it also has a superb cut-out that gives a beauty to the back cover that is being used. This cover is designed after considering all the safety requirements of the users.

best iphone 11 back cover case

4. Egotude Ultra Slim Matte Bumper Clear Transparent Hard Back Case Cover for iPhone 11

This back cover has a unique design and has all the features that an iPhone holder would look for to secure his/her handset. Egotude ultra slim matte bumper clear transparent hardback core uses the best material to secure the handset quite secured all the time. It has a scratch-resistant feature along with the transparent case, a combination that will easily attract iPhone users. The back cover is quite hard and thus would protect your handset all the time.

Its minimalist design allows you to show off your iPhones original design, even when it is covered. The bezels are well designed, and the shock absorber is meant to secure the handset from any sort of external damages. With this case design, it is super easy to access all the function keys and ports of the iPhone. This case is certified to be compatible with wireless charging for iPhone 11 handsets.

best iphone 11 back cover case

5. Spigen Rugged Armor Back Cover Case Designed for iPhone 11

It is made of high-quality ultra-hybrid TPU materials to secure the iPhone 11 handsets all the time. The presence of tactile buttons makes it more preferred option, as then it becomes quite easy to use.

It has a rugged armoured case which provides high protection to your phone and comes with ultra-highbred TPU bumper which is completely shockproof. This back cover is officially certified with military standard drop test certification under its belt. The carbon fiber design of this case makes it looks good and makes it feel soft to touch.

It also provides with the shockproof airbags at all the corners which make it pretty solid, protective and durable. It is the dust-free case and also provides with good solid grip to your phone. With all its protective measures it is really lightweight, and hence you won’t even feel it on your phone at all. The material used here is TPU which provide solid base and durability and flexibility to the case.

best iphone 11 back cover case

6. Egotude Ultra Thin Matte Anti Scratch Slim Fit Back Cover Case for iPhone 11

Egotude ultra-thin matte anti-scratch back case is made of materials like TPU that makes it quite light to use on your handset. The material makes it quite flexible and efficient to use and quite easy to fit on your handset. IPhone 11 users can completely vouch for this back cover, as it has been exclusively designed for them. It gives full body protection to the phone and is available with the most exquisite tactile buttons to show off your premium Apple iPhone 11.

The uplifted corners are well designed to protect the handset from any sort of accidents and falls, something that every iPhone holders fear for. This cover has a semi-transparent aspect that makes it look different from the others. It also comes equipped with soft microfibers intact inside the cover that provides additional protection to the handset. This case is on the lighter side as it only weighs about 50gm which is really less compared to the industrial standards. This case has been tested multiple times and is up to the industries standard for the renowned iPhone cases.

best iphone 11 back cover case

7. JGD PRODUCTS Shock Proof Bumper Corners Protective Back Case Cover for iPhone 11

JGD products offer a case that is made up of special high-quality silicone that is easy to carry and quite flexible in looks. It also comes with a high-quality back panel that is transparent in its looks. The weight of the back cover is quite less, and thus you could always carry it from one place to the other without any hassle.

For camera and port protection, it comes equipped with lifted bezels that helps it go a little go surface, prevents scratches and provides protectable layers to the phone. It has extremely precise cut-outs for buttons, and thus the handset remains protected from all angels. This case is compatible with the iPhone 11 certified wireless chargers. In fact, it has taken care of all the safety measures for iPhone holders from any sort of accidental damages caused due to falls.

best iphone 11 back cover case

8. Ringke Fusion-X Ergonomic PC Back TPU Bumper Impact Resistant iPhone 11 Case Back Cover

Ringke fusion X design for iPhone 11 would be definitely loved by iPhone 11 case, due to its super thin sides. The cover is quite a thing and provides the perfect support and safety to the back of your precious handset. It has a see-through feature that means you can flaunt your handset without covering the backside.

The unique design helps the user to get easy access to buttons, camera and peripherals. This back cover is the perfect balance of originality and protection for one of the world’s best handset owners. It has anti dust technology which preventing yellowing more than a normal cover. The cover is flexible so you won’t have to lose time to remove or put back the cover at any point in time.

best iphone 11 back cover case

9. Spigen Tough Armor Back Cover Case Designed for iPhone 11

Spingen tough armour back cover cases are made up of high-quality polycarbonate and TPU contents that give the handset, double protection. It is technically designed to restrict the phone slip and provides a better grip and soft-touch feel. The feature of the raised edges available for the camera and screen makes it a more preferred option for a simple reason that you don’t have to worry about any scratches and other damages.

It has a kickstand feature that prevents it from getting scratched and suffers from any sort of physical damages. The microfiber materials used for the case reduce the possibilities of suffering from scratches inside the handset. It also has air cushion, which helps in cushioning the fall and protect from normal bumps. The precise cuts are meant to protect the iPhone speaker, charger and camera at the same time. It is quite lightweight for the amount of protection it provides to the phone. Its only 70grams which is almost negligible.

best iphone 11 back cover case

10. Amozo Frameless Series Matte Semi Transparent Ultra Slim Case Cover for iPhone 11

Amozo frameless series semi-transparent ultra-slim case cover is the best option for iPhone users who prefer to have flexible TPU materials. The back cover is light in weight and has used the best materials for the manufacturing. This case is so thin and lightweight that users would feel that there is absolutely nothing put up on the back of the handset. The best part is that the material is dustproof, that means you don’t have to clean it up regularly. It will not yellow with time, and it is quite easy to maintain.

This cover is fingerprint resistant and has oil resistance. The frameless design is different from the others that are available with the regular case. With this cover on, you don’t have to worry about charging or making additional adjustments at the time of charging or using the handset. The uplift lifting bezel helps with any fall damage. To keep your iPhone look as awesome as it is, our microdots inside the case prevent any kind of damages that could affect the beauty and the look of the handset.

best iphone 11 back cover case

11. Nik case Soft Liquid Silicon Back Case for iPhone 11 (6.1″)

Nik case soft liquid silicone back case is made of soft silicone that makes it quite flexible and comfortable to hold. This cover is very thin and light in weight; ad still provides a perfect hardcover for the back of your handset. It is certified for wireless charging, and it indicates that you can easily use it for charging the handset at any time without hassle. Silicon gives friction, and this works as an anti-slip material and shock absorber.

The edges of the case have a precision cut that is needed to protect the handset from different types of damages exclusively. Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this cover provides overall protection to the users, and has the features that would be needed by the handset owners. The cover only weighs 68gm something that makes the back cover quite different from the others. The uplift lifting bezel secures from any sort of fall damages. This cover is also fingerprint resistant so no need to worry about someone misusing your handset in your absence.

best iphone 11 back cover case


As the iPhone 11 is an expensive smartphone one needs to have the best cover that can protect the mobile from any damage. Apple iPhone users highly prefer a back case that is exclusively designed and meant to protect the users from any sort of damages that could directly affect their handset. The options provided above would certainly help in shortlisting some of the option s and comparing them so that the right ones could be selected and implemented by the users.

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