Best Moto G5S Plus Back Covers & Cases

With the purchase of an excellent mobile phone, comes the responsibility of covering it for complete protection. Several brands offer excellent quality covers with the help of which you can keep your smartphone safe and in the best condition for a long time. Let us have a look at the best mobile covers for Moto G5S plus and let you enjoy peace of mind.

1. JGD PRODUCTS Carbon Fiber Armor Shock Proof TPU Back Case Cover for Moto G5S Plus

The cover has been designed, keeping the stylish looks of your phone in mind. All you need to do is to install this cover, and it will offer optimum protection from all sides. The cover is available in different variants and adds a style to your gadget.

One of the best qualities of this cover is that it lets you enjoy clicking pictures with ease. The cut-out for the lens has been technically designed. The cover goes through different processes before coming into the market to offer the best to the customers.

The fine quality prints and the perfectly finished design is what this cover offers to all the customers. The raised lips and the broad bezels will give you peace of mind. The cover is made, keeping all the things in mind that can hamper the phone.

If you are one of those who love to keep their phone in perfect condition, this cover is the best option to shop for.

best moto g5s plus cover case

2. Hello Zone Soft Transparent Crystal Clear Back Case Cover for Moto G5s Plus

If you love your smartphone and want to keep it safe, this is the best cover to try out. This cover keeps your phone looking sleek and best. If you are looking for a cover that is well within your range and does not add any bulk to your device, then you must shop for this cover. It comes from a leading brand and offers 100% satisfaction to the buyer.

It offers well-tailored cut-outs to the user so that you do not feel any hindrance in using your phone. The cover is made from high-quality material so that the protection of your phone is not compromised.

This slim and light cover is made, keeping all the thick and thins in mind. The dual-layer protection from all the corners keeps your phone safe and free from dents. Also, it comes with an anti-scratch coating so that your cover remains free from scratches for a long time.
The cover will fit your phone and protect it like a parent. It is available in two different colour variants.

best moto g5s plus cover case

3. CEDO Rugged Armor TPU Shock Proof Back Cover Case for Moto G5S Plus (Black)

If you are looking for the best cover for your Moto G5S Plus, then this is the right product for you. This cover has been designed for people who want everything to be perfect. This is a well-known brand that offers excellent quality covers. The cover is made of military-grade material and offers a long and durable life to the users.

The cover has been designed for MOTO G5S PLUS and will not fit any other phone. The cut-outs have been tailored to perfection. The cover comes with an anti-dust coating. It protects your phone from top to bottom and from back to front.

The quality of the cover is perfect and has not been compromised even to the minutest level. It comes with all the advanced features that your premium quality phone deserves. One of the best things about this cover is that it comes at a pocket-friendly price and can withstand all kinds of rough usage to offer optimum support to your gadget.

best moto g5s plus cover case

4. STARZ Rugged Armor Case for Motorola Moto G5s PLUS

This cover is made up of high-quality material. It gives a strong life to your phone. It comes with special cushion padding on all the corners so that your phone does not suffer from any bumps. This cover can also be the saviour of your phone when you place it face down.

This cover from a well-known brand comes at a pocket-friendly price and offers full value for money. The reinforced buttons offer the user to enjoy complete access without any hassles. This cover has been rated as one of the best products to shop for your MOTO G5S PLUS by previous buyers.

best moto g5s plus cover case

5. Tarkan Protective Soft Moto G5s Plus Back Case [Bumper Corners with Air Cushion Technology]

This cover gives 100% protection to the device in terms of material and design. It fits on your device well and does not hamper the protection of your gadget. The curved corners of the cover are made with extra cushion padding so that any fall or bump cannot result in the breakage of the phone. The screen also gets protected with the broad bezels even when you place it face down.

This cover has a unique feature of oil coating that saves the shine of the product. It has got a perfect finish so that you do not get any rough edges. There are precise cut-outs and holes to support each feature of your phone.

best moto g5s plus cover case

6. Pikkme Brown Leather Magnetic Vintage Flip Wallet Case Cover for Moto G5s Plus / G5s+

It is a leather cover that offers the best performance to protect your phone from dents and bumps. This case has been designed, keeping every inch of MOTO G5S PLUS in mind. The back cover has an excellent finish and grand design. It does not have any rough edges. The cover comes in a matte look and is easy to handle. It is easy to install and remove.

The cover has a kickback stand that helps the users in watching videos and movies without the need of holding it in hand. The mobile cover goes through different phases of tests so that there is no stone left unturned for providing the best coverage.

The phone cover snugs your phone like a parent and protects it like a baby. The cover does not let your phone slip to fall. The faux leather has perfectly sewn on it. The clasp of the cover is of good quality. It will not open till the time you pull it. The magnet used in the clasp keeps the cover tightly closed and intact. This cover can be purchased in three different colours.

best moto g5s plus cover case

7. ZAPCASE Back Cover Case for Moto G5s Plus (Carbon Fiber Rugged Armour Black Colour)

This cover offers complete protection to your device. If, by chance, you drop your phone from a height, this cover will protect the screen from getting shattered.

The corners of the phone are well protected with this amazingly crafted cover. The perfectly tailored cut-outs of this cover offer you the best performance. No matter if you want to plug in the earphones or are looking out to plug the charger, there will be no need to remove the cover. This cover has the hole and cuts that can help you use your phone without any hassles.

It is a lightweight cover that does not add bulk to the body. Also, the cover is easy to install and remove. You can wash the cover and dry it quickly to use it again for s long and durable time.

best moto g5s plus cover case

8. Plus Carbon Fiber Brushed Texture Premium Motorola Moto G5S Plus Back Case Cover

This is one of the latest covers that have been released by a well-known brand. It offers the best protection to your phone from all corners. The phone also has a special cushion coating to protect your phone from all sorts of scratches and bumps.

It is made up of a hybrid design with 2 in 1 coating. The cover has all the features that are needed to keep your phone in a rock-solid condition. The cover offers extended protection to the screen as well. So if you consider yourself as a clumsy buyer, then you must shop for this cover and give a new life to your device.

This cover protects your phone from heat radiations and also protects it from water. If you are one of those who love to flaunt their purchase, this is the best product to shop for. This is a shatterproof and shock-absorbent cover that will offer 360-protection to your device for a long time.

best moto g5s plus cover case

9. Wurzel Luxury Look Wallet Stand Flip Cover Case for Moto G5s Plus – Brown

This is one of the best covers that has been designed for the G5S plus. It keeps your phone free from all external damages. It has been designed to keep the sleek body of MOTO G5S PLUS in mind. All you need to do is to install the cover and enjoy the scratch-free life of your device.

The cover is created with higher lips as well as broad bezels. Hence the user can save the screen of the device if the device is kept with face down. Due to this cover the lens of camera gets better protection as it is made up of high quality TPU material

Another important feature is the cut-outs on it created for various ports such as charging and earphone. Hence it not only saves the device from scratches and damage but also has better and easy utility.

best moto g5s plus cover case


These are some of the best covers that you must look out for and grab them. All these covers are from well-known brands in the industry. They have been designed for the MOTO G5S PLUS specifically and will not fit any other phone. The covers go through various tests. We have selected them, keeping the previous user’s reviews in mind so that you can get the best ones to install on your phone and enjoy peace of mind.  All you need to do is to place your order and get it delivered to your doorstep without any hassles and save your phone from all dents.

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