Best Xiaomi Redmi 9A / 9i Back Covers & Cases

Most of the mobile phones available today have featured metal or glass build. Hence, it can become a little difficult to safeguard them from possible external damage. Selecting the best phone cover for your smartphone Redmi 9A / 9i, can be difficult in this vast online marketplace. Many covers and cases add to the style and outlook of your mobile phone. You can select from ultra-slim to rugged covers. Typically, mobile covers are categorized into four types, that is thin, hybrid, wallet, and rugged. All these varieties are available for your Mi Redmi 9A / 9i in multiple variants of colours and quality in different brands.

Below given are some of the best quality covers and cases available for Xiaomi Redmi 9A / 9i.

1. Pikkme Xiaomi Redmi 9A / 9i Leather Flip Cover Wallet Case

This is a premium quality leather case for Redmi 9A / 9i from Pikkme company. This handset cover offers a soft touch and evergreen design to support your mobile phone. This timeless design not only enhances the beauty of your phone but also provides it with complete protection.

This mobile handset cover has precise cutouts that provide complete access to the user to all buttons and ports easily. These ports include a charging port, headphone jack, microphone, speaker, and camera. The cover has a sensible covering over the volume and power button to provide a responsive response from these buttons to the user.

For providing an extra layer of protection, this wallet case has a magnetic flip that keeps your phone in place. This wallet case has slots for cards and money and is a perfect choice for users and to give someone with these models of phone. This case has a kickstand engineered in the design to facilitate the user with comfortable movie and video calling sessions, handsfree.

best redmi 9a mi 9i back cover case

2. Casotec Soft TPU Back Case Cover for Mi Redmi 9A / Redmi 9i

This is a stylish soft case for Redmi 9A / 9i that is manufactured with silicone material. It is a soft TPU back case to support your smartphone. It has been specially engineered for these models and hence fits perfectly on your mobile phones. This soft case provides complete access to all the ports, including the charging port, headphone jack, microphone, speaker, and sensors. T

he buttons are also covered with soft material that helps users use their mobile phones to complete functionality.
Moreover, the softcover has a soft surface that gives the user a comfortable touch to handle their smartphones without any hassle.

This back case is designed with impact-resistant technology that makes your smartphone safe from all external impacts like scratch, shock, drop and bump. It is one of the most flexible cases that are easy to install and remove from your mobile phone. This smartphone cover is not only durable but lightweight and stylish as well that enhances the looks of your handset.

best redmi 9a mi 9i back cover case

3. WOW IMAGINE Thin Shockproof Anti Slip Soft Back Cover Case with Camera Protection Bump for Redmi 9A/9i

This case is specially designed for Redmi 9A. It has precise cutouts that fit each and every button of your Redmi 9A and is easy to install and remove. Its professional design makes it suitable for men, women and teens of all age groups. This cover has a scratch-proof coating, which makes it more durable.

It comes with an upper lip which is designed to protect the screen of your phone when face down or fall on a flat surface. This case has a patent applied advanced level colour technology. This case has Anti-Shock cushion technology, which protects it from small accidental falls.

Moreover, the cover comes with raised edges that protect your phone screen from scratches. The case is Eco friendly and is manufactured with high-quality TPU material, which is odour free that protects the environment. The case has strap access and also supports wireless charging.

best redmi 9a mi 9i back cover case

4. WOW Imagine Ultra Hybrid Protective Cushioned Edges Cover Case for Xiaomi Mi Reddmi 9A / 9i

This case is lightweight and comes with a comfortable design that safeguards your Redmi 9A without adding any pounds to your phone. The phone cover is manufactured with high-quality soft silicone TPU plastic, which makes it durable for use. It has an extended lip of 1.2 mm that protects your phone if it falls on flat surfaces.

The back cover is dust free and is washable so that it will look new as good on your phone. This case is tear-resistant, which has a scratch-proof coating that prevents it from getting scratches. It provides your phone with long-lasting durability. It gives your phone a comfortable grip so that you will better hold on to your phone.

The cover has anti-dropping corners airbag protection, which disperses the impacts of shocks whenever your phone falls. The case has precise cutouts for the buttons, ports, speaker and camera of your phone. It has a sleek design and a compact look. This case is engineered with high-density TPU, which gives the case extremely thin profiles and makes it highly durable. If you are looking for a good cover, this one is going to be your best companion. It has all the advanced features that the users demand.

best redmi 9a mi 9i back cover case

5. JGD PRODUCTS Shock Proof Protective Redmi 9A/9i Soft Back Case Cover

This is a premium transparent back cover for Redmi 9A / 9i. It is a bumper case with autofocus technology. This is a high-quality mobile cover with an elegant design. This mobile phone cover protects your mobile phone from almost every external impact, including bump, scratch, dust, collision, dirt, and etcetera.

This bumper case safeguards your smartphone from any kind of abrasion. This is a compact mobile cover that covers this handset along with giving a stylish look to your handset. As it perfectly matches the shape and size of your mobile phone, which makes this cover distinct from others. This mobile phone cover provides complete access to all the ports and buttons of your phone so that you can work with the complete functionality of your handset.

You can easily charge your mobile phone without removing the cover. It is an easy-to-use handset cover that is lightweight and elegant in its construction. It is an anti-shock cover that makes your mobile phone shock-free to protect it against shock, drop and bump. This cover is made up of one of the best quality material to ensure the safety of your device.

best redmi 9a mi 9i back cover case

6. 100D Shockproof Silicone Back Cover in Case Transparent for Redmi 9A

This cover has been designed, keeping the sleek look of the phone in mind. This transparent cover is made, keeping the touch extremely soft but functional, and it is perfect for daily use. It comes with an ultra-soft feel that shows your phone’s real colour and design. The case is very easy to install and remove.

The cover give full access to all the functions of your smartphone, be it like camera, buttons, charging port, headphone jack, and etcetera. This case is engineered with soft TPU and plastic material, which makes it more durable. It is shock-proof and protects your phone from scratches. This case also protects your device from bumps, dings and accidental falls.

The case is made up of silicone and rubber, which will not add extra pounds to your phone. This cover looks elegant and stylish. It also keeps the natural looks of the phone intact without hiding it. It also will not add bulk to your device and makes it look the best.

best redmi 9a mi 9i back cover case

7. Lustree Redmi 9A Lustree Hybrid Armor Back Cover Case with Kickstand Wheel

This protective case is a perfect fit for Redmi 9A and has a heavy-duty design. This cover has a clear built-in protective layer which prevents your phone from getting scratches. The case ensures that your phone will remain brand new even if you take out your phone after one year.

This phone cover comes with a detachable dual layer in which the first layer is made of shock-absorbent ballistic layer, and the second layer is made of tough impact resistant polycarbonate that safeguards your phone from accidental falls and bumps. The case gives full access to all the features of your device, including microphone, speaker, camera and all buttons.

It comes with a built-stand that provides a hands-free experience to the user for watching movies, videos and even surfing on the internet by placing the device on any surface like a study table, office desk, dining table, and etcetera.

best redmi 9a mi 9i back cover case

8. CEDO Matte Flexible Camera Bump Protection Rubberised Back Case Cover for Xiaomi Redmi 9A / 9i

This back case is compatible with Xiaomi Redmi 9A / 9i only. The rugged back case comes with advanced shock absorption technology that protects your device from accidental drops and bumps. The mobile cover comes with raised lips that protect your phone screen and camera from bumps.

This case features smooth silk brushed texture with glossy accents and carbon fiber texture.It has perfect cutouts that give full access to the user interface, camera lens, headphone jack, speaker, and microphone. The case can be installed and removed easily. The phone case is anti-fingerprint and is washable so that it will not get dirty.

This flexible back case is tear-resistant. It comes with a heat dissipation design. The ultra-slim lightweight case provides great protection to your phone and safeguards it from scratches and damages.

best redmi 9a mi 9i back cover case

9. Jkobi Silicon Flexible Shockproof Corner TPU Back Case Cover for Xiaomi Mi Redmi 9A / Redmi 9i

The case is Compatible with Xiaomi Mi Redmi 9A. The stylish case is super slim and lightweight. It provides a superior user grip to hold the phone and prevent accidental slip. It has raised lips that safeguards your phone from getting damaged. The case comes with an extra protection shock absorption bumper in the corners for your phone that prevents impacts and protects your phone.

The back cover has precise cutouts for all the buttons, ports, camera, speakers, and microphone so that the user can easily access all the functions of your smartphone. The case is transparent and is made up of rubber, so it is flexible. It has a sleek design and is perfectly fit for Redmi 9A. The case is dust resistant and protects your phone from scratches and dirt at the same time.

best redmi 9a mi 9i back cover case

10. JGD PRODUCTS Carbon Fiber Hybrid Armor Drop Tested Back Case Cover for Redmi 9A/9i

This case is compatible with Redmi 9A/9i. It comes with a superior quality brushed designed to elevate the looks of your phone. The case is lightweight, as it will not add extra bulk to your mobile. The smartphone cover is engineered with High-quality TPU material, which absorbs shock during impacts hence, safeguards your smartphone.

The case anti-slip as its non-glossy sides provide sufficient grip to the users to hold it and prevent slips. It has a raised lip that protects the screen from a flat surface. The mobile case has an extra cushion on the corners that absorbs shocks and protects your phone from impacts.

best redmi 9a mi 9i back cover case

11. ERIT Auto Focus Leather Pattern Armor Soft Back Case Cover for Xiaomi Redmi 9A

This case is specially designed for Xiaomi Redmi 9A. It has unique looks that feature smooth brushed texture. This flexible case comes with glossy accents and is made up of carbon fibre. This ERIT case is easy to remove and install. The mobile case is an anti-scratch which protects your phone to get scratch.

The case is washable and tear-resistant. It has precise cutouts that give access to all the ports and buttons of your phone. The back cover has tactile buttons for natural feedback and easy press. The case is made up of hard and flexible material, which makes it the case fit for your phone.

The cover is slim and provides your phone with elite protection. It provides grip and is anti-slip, which protects the phone from slipping by the hands of the user. The case surface is scratch proof and is made up of silicone material.

best redmi 9a mi 9i back cover case


These were some of the best covers and cases for Redmi 9A / 9i with the best features to safeguard your handset from all directions. They have features like bumpers, anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint, drop test, and etcetera. Also, most of them are available in variants of colours. These will help you to select the best case for your smartphone that, along with giving protection, will provide enhancements in its looks.

So, a cover is the best investment that can be done by the consumers for their smartphones. Over and above, every consumer is distinct and deserves to have a unique smartphone cover or case that enhances their mobile phone’s look and facilitates 360-degree protection.

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