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The Indian power lines are known for suffering from ongoing issues. Many times after the restoration of power, also it is not with the required voltage to run various appliances. Such a lack of stable voltage may damage devices and appliances in the home and to overcome such a situation, one needs to have a surge protector installed. We pay hefty prices for our appliances such as microwaves, tablets, televisions and refrigerators, but the power fluctuation can lead them to severe damage. For living with peace of mind and without your appliances getting damaged because of fluctuations, the best thing you can do is to buy a good quality surge protector. This device can help you protect your appliances due to natural or artificial power fluctuation.

1. Belkin Essential Series 4-Socket Surge Protector Universal Socket with 5ft Heavy Duty Cable

Belkin is an American brand that manufactures a variety of electrical products for everyday use at a low cost. It manufactures a range of adapters and loaders for computers and tablets, and it produces surge protectors as well. It is a renowned brand in this field.

This surge protector comes with four plug points, each attached to two grounded wires, and one that drives the power to the device. The three lines connecting to one of the four slots mean that the circuit is supplied efficiently and offers required power.

This unit is fitted with a long enough cable up to 1.5 meters. This means you can sit easily anywhere you want without being tied to a plug-in point in your home. With a rate of absorption of 200 joules, this surge protector is able to quickly absorb 200 joules of extra power when an upturn is detected, and the energy that passes through the circuit.

If you are looking for a safe surge protector that can help your appliances enjoy a peaceful life, this one is going to be the best option.

best surge protector

2. Honeywell 8 Out Surge Protector with Master Switch

Thanks to its technology, this protector can resist voltage up to 6,000 volts and consume 306 joules of electricity. If the full capacity of the surge protection unit is greatly surpassed, it is a fireproof device and safe for you and your house.

The easiest thing to do is to use a circuit breaker that can be reset instead of having a fuse, which must be changed any time there is voltage up. Remember that your computer is as good as new after any crash as the reset button is there on your screen. As we described previously, the voltage surges of just five nano-seconds will come and disappear.

This means all the equipment you have plugged in will bear the brunt of the surge if your surge protector is not fast enough to respond to the surge in voltage within the timeframe. This makes your flood guard worthless and no less than a needless gamble.

You don’t even know the rising power levels in your equipment. This gadget has two indications, one to let you know the indicator is up and going, and the other to notify you the indicator is grounded. The plug that is attached to your surge protector is grounded, ensuring that all voltage spikes are brought down to the ground and not to your socket or appliances.

There is a problem with your surge protection device or with the wiring in your house, whether the grounding light is not triggered. Anyway, an assessment must be performed as early as possible. Finally, you can plug in your LCD and laptop, with four slots.

best surge protector

3. MX Surge Protector Spike Guard with 6 Universal Sockets Individual Switch Circuit Breaker

Let’s start with this equipment’s aesthetics first. The outside has a dazzling white finish. In either side of the unit, there are also LED light panels that are enabled while the device is being used. The method thus offers its opponents a sophisticated feature and edge. Now let’s explain how this system keeps devices and gizmos secure.

As we know, it acts as an emergency protector when unexpected voltage surges are observed in nano-seconds and electricity is drained without allowing additional energy to enter the computers. It means that the equipment is safe from short circuit ills. Short circuits apply to phenomena to which current is not expected to travel through channels.

This surplus triggers fire in current areas in which it is not planned. This system is fitted with a built-in switch to avoid overheating instances and to disrupt the supply of power, preventing fires.

Thirdly, this system offers protection against overload. Overloading refers to cases in which more power is taken to connections than is required. In addition, it is constructed entirely from fireproof components such that the machinery actually breaks down rather than succumb to fire even if its defensive potential is overtaken.

The plug-in cable eventually has 2 meters and an efficient connection to loop it around the body of the unit when driving power.

best surge protector

4. Havells RoyalStar Surge & Spike Guard with 4 Universal Sockets and Individual Switches

There are two couples of points that are not compliant with all domestic and foreign sockets by design. And if these outlets do not come with individual power switches, a power button is provided to activate the power supply.

A little red light is mounted on the other end, showing you whether the surge protector functions or not. The light to prove to the ground is not there. In addition, this device incorporates fuse technologies to avoid excess power. Fuse-based surge protectors normally cost half the price of other forms of surge protectors which can be a benefit to the users of this device.

This equipment has a 6000-ampere absorption rate. This means that the conductor consumes 6000 amplifiers and brings them to the fuse as the voltage is raised. The fuse will be blowing and must be replaced if the growth reaches the absorption rate. The body is composed of Butadiene styrene-acrylonitrile and is highly resistant to thermals.

best surge protector

5. Smart Plug High Low Voltage Cutout/Protector Rated @ 16Amp with Surge Protection Upto 4000 Volts

Each outlet comes from line-ground and neutral-ground lines, with its own grounding link. These grounding lines not only operate internally but link independently for extra security to each outlet. It has an absorption rate of 6.5 kilo Amperes, which, as we described earlier, will shame many of its rivals.

More than your household would ever require 6.5 kilos of surge protection, particularly when your connections are grounded. Both the body and the wires are made of plastics to provide adequate thermal insulation and protection against fire.

Whenever the system is used an LED light flips on, showing you that the surge protector constantly detects changes in the current flow. For the whole circuit, there is also a power button; but no single switches are required to make work each outlet.

It comes with 12 sockets, of which four are more spaced so that many bulky transformers can be attached. If due to any reason, the smart plug Lite is enabled by its keyholes. Other functions include LED diagnostics that warn of the start of surgery and the wellbeing of children for peace of mind.

best surge protector

6. Nexttech 8+1 Universal Extension With Surges & Spikes Protection

This device is provided with a dense 0.75 mm layer of Polyvinyl chloride, as usual, a few meters long. This means that the cable does not succumb to flames and isolates heat.

Since the surge guard comes with approximately ten outlets, it is therefore important to be able to grab several appliances. Fortunately, with its mammoth 2.5-kilowatt power, this gadget shines here too. The current flow authorised at any time by the surge protector is 10 amperes. In addition, there is a special feature on USB outlets.

After the collection of such information, these smart sensors change the power passed through the outlet and into the appliance automatically in compliance with the unique needs of each unit category. This tends to maximise and reduce considerably the time your computers need to be attached to.

Why not pick the vertically spreading 12-outlet DoubleYI Surge Shield. Its 1,000-joule rating is enough to work with most ordinary electronic devices, and five USB Type-A ports to charge laptops, tablets and similar are added to the rating.

Four of those use Smart IC technology which equally distributes electricity so that less connected devices load faster. Two power buttons trigger and disengage all six outlets at a time, but they cannot be individually disabled, which may pose a concern for a user.

best surge protector

7. ELV Spike Guard Surge Protector Overload Protection Master Switch with Fire Resistance Sleeve

The item has a matt grey finish, giving it a rather sophisticated appearance. Its featherweight body is just 0.349 kilograms so that it can be comfortably placed. It uses a special technology where the surplus power is dealt in a different way and does not damage the devices attached to it. It holds the excess power for a few minutes, and in case of any fall in supply, it controls the supply of power by preserved power in the device. Hence it stabilises the supply and power usage by the devices.

This product returns the current to the circuit. This ingenious technology is paired with a control switch for each of the four plug points. Thus current flows only to the plugs where it is necessary to minimise the surplus, even if no surge or spike is present.

best surge protector

8. Tidy Up! Wire Bin with Spike Buster/Power Strip/Surge Protector

It has four interchangeable ports, all types of connectors and accessories are compatible. Tidy up surge protector comes with an on-/off protector master switch. It has even LED light signalling whether electricity is supplied or not and also helps to recognise the product’s lifespan.

This technology has a protective shutter that provides your kids with safety from electric shocks ideal for those needing a shield that provides children with protected technology. In addition, this, unlike some, is fitted with thermal overload to turn off the system and save all the attached devices if the current is excess.

You can verify that if you are looking for a protector which offers good performance and has high-quality safety features. This one is helped by fire-retardant defensive means that fire severity in case of fire incidents is slowing down or decreased. It comes with a one-year manufacturing guarantee.

best surge protector

9. Bajaj Surge & Spike Guard 4 Way with 2 meters Fire Retardant Cable

Bajaj is a very popular brand for electronic devices, smartphones and computer accessories. This device is supplemented with a simple and convenient build with a 10-day warranty period. This protector can be a good option for a machine, TV, laptop, smartphone and other electrical appliances that need power below 1500 watts. The smart and lightweight design let you store this board when it’s not used for electricity since it has a long service life with the right angle and flat plugs.

It comes with an extra-long 13ft stretching chain, allowing you to reach further outlets and areas that are difficult to reach. It is fine if there are no power sources in the vicinity. The right-angle plug can conveniently be positioned in small places like behind furniture, classrooms, desks or something near the wall that cannot make use of regular plug.

best surge protector


10. Philips Ecolink 6A 4-Way Spike and Surge Guard (Black, Pack of 2)

If the protector is overloaded, this device turns off. To return to the secure working mode, the red button is available with individual switches and silver touch with all of the keys. The indicators are fitted with power indicators that display power supply availability; load maybe 10A. It also has a foreign socket that is appropriate for numerous connector types used around the world.

The switch is designed perfectly and is composed of high-quality polycarbonate. The makers say that no other brand offers touch with a silver-coated switch. But how helpful is that? Silver coated touch allows smoother electricity transmission and dissemination and guarantees more time. It uses roughly 2500 watts and no cable. Both the interiors are made of brass to make sure no short circuit is present. It has 2 meters of cord and has a warranty of 2 years.

best surge protector

11. Smart Plug Protector Rated @ 16Amp with Surge Protection Upto 4000 Volts

It is an outstanding surge guard with a sleek style and special qualities. This plug surge protector has been built with superior engineering and gives easy installation and output without defects. It is ideal for residences, workplaces or enterprises.

This device can be used only in indoors and in dry areas, with auto-reset protection, voltage surge protection and a 1.5-meter cable length. The smart plug protector consists of a composite material of high performance, which makes it durable. It offers a powerful output. It is 490 grams in weight and 27 x 8,5 x 4 cm in dimension. Smart plug protector absorbs a maximum of 2500 watts of electricity. Well, when it comes to electrical equipment, the maker is a trusted name.

It is a device that can work till the fluctuation of voltage from 170 to 270, but in case of lower or higher voltage from the same, it gets tripped and save the devices attached from damage. It can resume the power once the power supply is within its permissible range. Hence this device is more useful to the appliances such as TV, washing machine, dishwasher and microwave. In case of severe power fluctuation also this protector can avoid the surge and hence damage to the devices due to its auto power on-off mechanism. The quality of the device is simply incredible, which has made it one of the favourite name among the users.

best surge protector

12. Wipro 3 Way Multiplug with Inbuilt Surge Protection (Pack of 2)

This surge protector has six outlet sockets, but it has very limited and lightweight dimensions due to its circular shape. You should also have a mid-up safety button, which can serve to deactivate the switches at once.

Although an inexpensive device, it offers extra surge protection of 1000W, which is really good for that price. It comes with an LED light indicator which can be very handy to know whether it works or not. You have 1,8-metre wire, which can be very useful in your house.

You get a total of 4 sockets in the Surge Guard Surge Protector. These sockets are cool since they are all operated easily by their own switch. It can be used for the building of a 1.5-meter cable at the given price. It offers up to 1,000 joules of surge protection.

With a board length of 8.7 cm, it has a width of 4.5 cm and a height of 38.5 cm. Each socket contains 240 volts and a frequency of 50 Hertz. This Surge Protector has a capacity of 2400 Watts. It contains 3 Core x 0.75 Sq.

It has four universal shutters to ensure the safety of the infants at home. These shutters offer maximum safety. It is an easy-to-use gadget that even comes with a stand and a carrier. It has a high impact and strong chemical resistance with ABS wooden material.

best surge protector


This was a quick guide to help you with shopping for the best surge protectors. They all are from leading brands and have been rated as one of the best from the previous customers. All you need to do is to place an order for the one that suits your preferences and gift a healthy life to your appliances.

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