10 Best Vivo Y11 Back Covers & Cases

Mobile covers act as guardians for your precious mobile phones as they safeguard it from any damage. The major function offered by a mobile cover is protecting from drop and fall. There are a variety of mobile covers available for Vivo Y11. Each cover is different and unique. Sometimes people get confused when selecting an appropriate mobile cover for their Vivo Y11.

Below given are some of the best sorted out Mobile Phone covers for Vivo Y11 with brief explanations.

1. Aleppo Leather Flip Cover for Vivo Y11

It is a perfect mobile cover for Vivo Y11. It has perfect cutting for camera, ports, speakers, flashlight, and other parts of the mobile. In it, a volume button and power button have a perfect cutting so that they can be used effectively by the user.

This case is a kind of wallet case in which there are three card slots and one money slot. It is beneficial to someone who likes to travel with minimum things. It is made up of excellent and durable quality material. You can also get an easy video stand view with the help of its formation.

The flip cover has a magnet lock. It has robust artificial leather and soft microfiber coating inside the lining that provides the correct amount of cushioning to the phone. With this phone, you get optimum protection for a long time. It keeps your phone sturdy and reliably safe.

best vivo y11 cover case

2. RGN Back Cover Case for Vivo Y11

It is a stylish, designer back cover case for Vivo Y11. This mobile cover has a lightweight and the material used in making it is silicone. Silicone makes it both high quality and soft mobile cover. The material is scratch-resistant and super smooth.

Hence, it secures your phone from scratches and sudden bumps from the designer back. This mobile case has precision cuts that are designed for users to get easy access to all the ports and buttons of the phone. The cut is so smooth and accurate that it does not obstruct the camera lens.

It safeguards your phone from scratches, dust and damage. The rubber/silicone material is of high quality which protects your phone from getting damaged from external pressure. It is only compatible with Vivo Y11. It has a smooth structure and sleek design.

best vivo y11 cover case

3. COVERBLACK Vintage Leather Flip Cover for Vivo Y11

It is a vintage-looking affordable leather flip cover. This case is an ideal gifting product for your near and dear ones. It has precise cuts at accurate positions that allow users to have access to all the buttons and ports. It provides excellent hold to the user because of its vintage look.

The flip cover has 360-degree protection. It protects your mobile phone from getting scratches. It is made up of durable material and is a perfect fit for Vivo Y11. The cover is very easy to fit or remove from your phone and protects your smartphone against bumps, dust, dirt and scratches. The hard material used at the back provides extra protection for your phone.

best vivo y11 cover case

4. Sankee Polycarbonate Back Cover for VIVO Y11

This mobile cover is made up of polycarbonates. It gives a slim look to your mobile phone. The back cover is designed to fit Vivo Y11 perfectly. It is a lightweight mobile cover. The precision of cutting is so wonderful that you can easily access all the ports, sensors, and controls in it.

It protects your smartphone from getting any scratch or damage from any bump or drop. It is flexible enough to provide shock resistance to your mobile. This mobile cover has a raised lip on the edges so that it protects your mobile screen. It has a beautiful design made on its back.

best vivo y11 cover case

5. J kobi Hard Back Case Cover for Vivo Y11

This mobile cover is available in five variants; three have opaque back while two have transparent back. It has got a double layer personality. It comes with a stand and finger holder attached at the back. This mobile cover is compatible with Vivo Y11.

Its material is designed in such a way that it provides superior grip. It has one of the best protection for your phone. Hard back cover fits Vivo Y11 with the edge to edge without any hitches. It protects your mobile phone from getting any dirt, dust, and scratches.

best vivo y11 cover case

6. Nainika Mobile Smoke Shockproof Case for Vivo Y11

It is one of the most durable shockproof cases for Vivo Y11. It has a hard rubber which acts as a protection at the bumpers. This mobile cover is shockproof and prevents the phone from getting any damage after dropping it. There are raised edges in the front screen and at the cut of the camera lens. This protects your phone screen and camera lens from getting any scratches.

It has got precise cuts and sensible coating which allows users to easily access all the buttons on the device with the case. The shockproof case supports wireless chargers, which means you are not required to remove the cover during charging for the phone. It is made up of polychromatic materials. It has a stable grip and gives you a stylish look with the protection of your mobile phone.

best vivo y11 cover case

7. Dgeot Leather Flip Case Compatible with Vivo Y11

It is a genuine leather flip case which is compatible with Vivo Y11. The case has undergone tests for better protection. It is a stylish phone cover available in 3 variants. The flip case provides your phone with 360-degree protection. It is made up of soft and flexible material that provides you with a non-slip grip so that you do not drop your mobile phone by chance.

The cover has a perfect fit over the phone and precise cutouts by which you can access all ports and buttons easily. The material used is shock resistant. The material used in making this cover is of high-grade PU leather. With the flip cover, you can make your stand easily for convenient watching of movies, shows and online series. It consists of three card slots and one money slot. It has a raised lip over the front screen and camera lens.

best vivo y11 cover case

8. ANVIKA Mobile Flip Cover for Vivo Y11

This flip cover case mirror has a clear look which allows you to look into the phone from the protective case. It provides your phone with 360-degree protection, but you cannot operate the phone until you open the flip cover. This mobile cover has a slim luxury mirror with shiny plating. It helps your mobile phone to look luxurious and high end.

It is made up of PU leather which is safe and protective. The flip case safeguards your mobile phone from fingerprints, dust, dents, and other bumps. It provides you with a multi-angle view. It is also compatible with wireless charging and it is specially designed to fit all the specifications of Vivo Y11.

best vivo y11 cover case

9. Thalaiva Smart Mirror Flip Cover Case for Vivo Y11

It is a premium flip case that adds quality to your smartphone. It has a mirror design that gives a luxurious look to your mobile phone. Even it has got a mirror back which allows you for a clear and polished reflection. You cannot operate your phone until you open the flip cover.

It has perfect cutouts to fill all the ports and buttons. It gives you a unique looking smooth brushed texture. This mobile cover is easy to remove and install on the phone.

Its edges are lifted around the corner of the phone and corner of the camera lens, and the mobile phone cover is anti-scratch and washable. It is resistant to any type of tear. Vivo Y11 cover is perfect for giving dust-free looks to your phone. It is specially curated to fit Vivo Y11. All the features of this mobile cover are crafted in such a way that they protect your phone from shock, bumps, scratches, dust, and other damages.

best vivo y11 cover case

10. Trifty Heavy Duty Shockproof Armor Kickstand Back Case Cover

It is a heavy-duty mobile phone cover. The material of this mobile phone cover is shockproof. This mobile case has a kickstand back with ring holder for Vivo Y11. The hard armored body makes sure that the full body of your mobile phone is protected.

It has an accurate cutout and ductile buttons so that you can access all ports, buttons and both cameras easily. The kickstand provides you with a hassle-free movie viewing experience. The material used in this mobile phone cover is strong. The corners of mobile phones are reinforced with cushions so that your phone does not get any damage from drops or bumps.

It is one of the best cases that provides ultimate protection to your mobile phone. It fits your phone perfectly from edge to edge with any hitches and protects your smartphone from dust, dirt, and scratches along with a sturdy look, and this mobile cover looks stylish on your Vivo Y11.

best vivo y11 cover case


There are mobile phone covers that range from lower prices to high-end prices. Most of the time, they add functionality to your phone along with protection. Different people look for different qualities in their mobile covers ranging from shock resistance to beautiful backs. Some people want a sturdy case while other desire for a stylish one. These were some of the best quality mobile phone covers for Vivo Y11 that ensure customer satisfaction by providing you with products of the utmost quality.

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