Best Nokia 6.1 Plus Back Covers & Cases

A cover acts as a bodyguard and shields the body of your smartphone like a baby. If you are looking for the best covers for your Nokia 6.1 Plus, let us help you out with the best options.

1. JGD PRODUCTS Shock Proof Protective Soft Back Case Cover for Nokia 6.1 Plus

Are you one of those who want everything to be perfect for their gadget? Then you must shop for this cover from the well-known brand. It is a sleek and lightweight cover and does not add its presence to your smartphone’s looks. The best part of this cover is it looks simple yet adds great value to protect your Nokia 6.1 Plus and display its look, which you might love most.

The corners of this cover are made with extra cushion padding so that any accidental fall cannot harm your mobile. Also, the screen protector guards the screen against dust and gives your phone a long life. It has corners designed with better shape to protect the damage to the mobile even if it falls from any angle.

It fits with a strong finish and gives you the best grip to hold your phone without any hassles. Overall the cover looks elegant and provides safety to your smartphone with grace.

best nokia 6.1 plus cover case

2. A rtistque Frameless Nokia 6.1 Plus Translucent Hard PC Back Cover

If you are looking for a cover to give additional support to your smartphone, you must try it. It is made up of good quality material and offers shock-absorbent protection to your phone. This cover can help you save your phone from all dents. The transparency of the cover also allows you to display the original look of your mobile. It is designed in a way to have an excellent grip on the Nokia 6.1 Plus while holding it. Hence you can keep on talking for a long time without worry about slipping the phone from hand.

It is a pocket-friendly case that offers 360-degree protection to your smartphone with excellent features. This cover has been given 5-star ratings from the previous buyers. Being easy to buy a product, the manufacturer also offers a 6-month warranty on the same. The back cover is also easy to fix and remove with its user-friendly edges and corners.

The unique design of this cover allows access to all the buttons. The back case does not create a barrier for you while charging.

best nokia 6.1 plus cover case

3. TheGiftKart Ultra Slim Feel Hard Back Case Cover for Nokia 6.1 Plus

It is a perfect cover for the ones who prefer style over price. This cover is available in three different color variants and looks perfect on your Nokia 6.1 Plus mobile. It offers 360 protection from back to front and protects your phone to the core.

The cover has been designed especially for the Nokia 6.1 Plus cover and fits on the body in perfect shape. It makes your phone look sleek and does not add bulk to the body. This is the best option if you are looking out for a cover that can offer you hassle-free charging. It comes with proper cut-outs so that you get to enjoy appropriate access to all the buttons.

best nokia 6.1 plus cover case

4. Newlike Nokia 6.1 Plus Shock Proof Duel Layer Hybrid Back Cover Case with Kickstand Wheel

When planning to shop for a cover for your phone, you must keep the quality and material in mind. This cover offers you both at a reasonable price. It is made up of high-quality material and has extra protection on the corners to offer your smartphone with the best features.

This back cover offers a firm grip to the user to not fall the mobile and suffer from dents. It is a shockproof cover and has been tested and certified for its performance. The cover acts as a high protection armor to save your premium purchase from broken corners and shattered screens.

best nokia 6.1 plus cover case

5. Tarkan Carbon Fiber Case Rugged Shock Proof Rubberized Back Cover for Nokia 6.1 Plus

One of the best covers to provide the best protection to your smartphone; this cover from a well-known brand is going to be your best companion. It is not only going to protect your phone but is also going to offer it with the best looks.

The cover is made of high-quality material and keeps you at peace of mind that your phone is well protected. This cover has been specially designed for the Nokia 6.1 Plus and comes with a 12-month warranty from the manufacturer’s side. Also, there is a money-back guarantee that one can avail of if the product is delivered in a defective form.

It protects your Nokia 6.1 Plus from all types of shocks, dents, and falls. Also, it keeps a guard against the dust for your smartphone. One of the best things about this cover is that it comes with raised lips to offer maximum coverage to your screen and camera.

The cover comes with a perfect blend of matte and gloss. It makes your smartphone look graceful with perfect coverage and optimum protection. The cover will offer you 100% satisfaction and full value for money.

best nokia 6.1 plus cover case

6. Wurzel Luxury Look Wallet Stand Flip Cover Case for Nokia 6.1 Plus

The case has been designed for the ones who love to keep it safe in a shell. The leather is of the best quality and keeps your smartphone intact at its place. The seams of the cover have been sewn to the best level to offer it a great perfection.

The leather cover will offer your phone with the sophisticated looks that you want to enjoy. It has been tested and offers no wear and tear for a long time. The cover also comes with several pockets to store your cards and money safe, and there is no need to carry an extra wallet along.

The case also comes with a sturdy clip so that you can fit your phone inside tightly. There is also a clasp on the outer side that clips perfectly and offers an excellent grip to the cover.

best nokia 6.1 plus cover case

7. Bounceback Nokia 6.1 Plus Back Cover Case

Now that you are looking for a cover that will offer grace and class to your smartphone, you must have a look at this cover. It is a beautiful cover that sticks to the body and offers a firm grip. The case is made of high-quality material and offers a shock-absorbent technique with maximum coverage.

The corners are provided with extra padding so that your phone does not face and dents even if it falls from a height. It has raised lips that will cover the camera lens and will not let it break. It is a lightweight cover that offers full value for money with 100% customer satisfaction.

If you plan to buy a cover that will offer you peace of mind, this one will be your savior. It is available in three color variants and comes along with a six-month warranty. The massive discounts and deals make it a must-buy for your Nokia 6.1 Plus mobile.

best nokia 6.1 plus cover case

8. Treecase Printed Soft Silicone Nokia 6.1 Plus Back Case Cover

Silicon is always considered to be the best option when it comes to shopping for a cover with a long life. This cover is made up of high-quality silicone and gives the best protection to your phone. It has been certified and tested before the launch.

If you are looking for an economical cover and offers the best, you must try out on this cover. It has a beautiful pattern on the back and makes your phone look elegant and stylish. The cover comes with proper cut-outs so that you can enjoy using your smartphone without any hassles.

The cover has been designed, keeping all the crucial points in mind. The manufacturers understand that accidents can occur anytime and have made it extra strong with cushion padding at the corners. For those who love to change the covers now and then, this is a great option. With massive discounts and electrifying deals, you can grab this cover at a much lower price.

best nokia 6.1 plus cover case

9. NISHTECH Shock Proof Protective Soft Back Case Cover for Nokia 6.1 Plus

For those who do not want to hide their phone in a cover, this one is the best thing to shop for. The crystal cover will glide on to the body of your smartphone and fit in perfectly. It is a feather-light cover and will not add any additional looks or bulk to your Nokia 6.1 Plus mobile.

The cover is strong and sturdy. It offers a long life with the best protection for your gadget. It is made up of high-quality TPU silicon and is flexible. The cover does not make your hands sweat and offers a firm grip on your phone. There are perfectly cut and dedicate cut-outs to offer you access to all the controls.

You can install it easily on your smartphone and can remove it as well. There is no hindrance to charging and speakers. If you love to listen to music, you can easily plug in the earphones without removing the cover.

best nokia 6.1 plus cover case


Now that you have purchased your new smartphone, you must cover it up and protect it from all kinds of accidents. For this, you will need a good quality cover. Several brands offer covers for your smartphones, but you need to be extra vigilant when shopping for one. If you have Nokia 5.1 Plus phone, check out Gadget Guide’s pick of best Nokia 5.1 Plus covers and cases.

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